Mexico – Idyllic Beaches And Sunsets, Mexican Food, Incredible Festivals

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Mexico has a diverse landscape from beaches to volcanoes, snow-capped mountains to lagoons, deserts to historic cities. With vibrantly coloured towns bursting with food, coastlines with reefs perfect for snorkelling; Mexico is a destination offering a holiday of wide variety of possibilities. Visita land where movies have been inspired, artists such as Frida Kahlo have been raised, and cultural festivals abound; all your senses will be heightened in Mexico. Here are a few of the top beaches, festivals and foods that are a must experience when visiting Mexico.

Mexican Beaches

Acapulco – This famous beach has brought movie stars to its shores since the 1950s. Situated on the Pacific coast, this beach is lined with nightclubs and has long been notorious for its party culture. Acapulco is a splendid choice for beach side relaxing and to dive amongst the heyday of old world Hollywood glam.

Cancun–Also a stop for beach side partying, Cancun is host to a whole host of outdoor activities and water sports, such as jet skiing and parasailing. In Cancun though, the locals take a siesta in the afternoon, so be prepared that all shops and businesses will shut down between 1 to 4 o’clock. Also close by and worth a visit is Chichen Itza, a heritage listed Mayan archaeological site.

Mazatlan–Mazatlan on the Pacific Ocean has a 20km shoreline of sandy beach, a historic centre and cobbled stoned streets to wander through. Each November and December the town hosts Festival Cultural Mazatlan, showcasing music, ballet, singing, literature and other performing arts of the local area.

Mexican Festivals

Day of the Dead – This is a festival celebrated in Mexico on and around Halloween (October 31 & Nov 1 & 2) to remember loved ones who have passed away. Families will gather together favourite foods of deceased family members with sugar skulls and will put them together as offerings for the departed. It’s tradition for people dress up in themed outfits, paint faces with skulls and visit grave sites of those who have passed away.

CincoDe Mayo – The fifth day of May celebrates the Mexican Armies defeat over France in the Franco-Mexican War of 1861-1867. This is a small holiday in Mexico but is widely celebrated in the United States, as a celebration of all things Mexican culture with parades, street parties, festivals in towns across Mexico and the United States.

Street Food in Mexico City

Mexico City has streets of food, with many markets offering local delicacies and dishes. The street markets are so huge, with some expanding over so many miles, that the colourful tarp covering them can be seen from satellite pictures. The street markets are lively and are a central part of local culture, with communities and families gathering together for shopping, dressed in bright clothes, and taking part in the local gossip. Amongst the street vendors, find some of these delicious foods:

Pambazos – a Mexican like sandwich similar to a torta, made from hard bread rolls which have been soaked in chilli sauce turning the dough a slight orange colour, filled inside with potatoes, chorizo, lettuce and sour cream.

Tlacoyo – An oval shaped fried or toasted cake made of Spanish dough or masa. Long in length, they are filled with refried beans, chicarron, fama beans, cheese plus more.

Camotes – A sweet potato dessert, served hot and traditionally served with condensed milk, cream and berry marmalade.

Take a tour in Mexico and discover the amazing beaches, food and festivals that are abundant throughout this colourful land.

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