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Posted on Jun 4 2012 - 3:48am by Editorial Staff

I have been looking through the number of matchmaking websites in the past each focused mainly on how one can be a part of other life – is it on the basis of love, care, meet or date, today I am moving a step further and asking you to wonder to add one more parameter in the search: Achievement.

Recently, while looking out for some encouraging online matchmaking website, I came across an online matchmaking site, dubbed as, the site focus on matchmaking for graduates worldwide – sounds like a nice audience – graduates.

But, now to discuss, what parameter did the site choose while selecting the perfect person for you: offer a platform for professionals and accomplished people to meet with other likeminded people. Profiles are verified and then displayed based on an individual’s merit. target audience consists of people looking for a serious relationship. This audience is not interested in meeting random people nearby instead they are focused on finding the right optimal person. Achievement becomes a very important parameter for this audience wanting serious relationships and this is what the core of platform.

The site goes and works on four major points:

  • Target audience: The site is only for the college graduates. This sets a minimum entry barrier.
  • Verification: The site has a mandatory user verification process via college email id or official college documents.
  • Ice breakers: The site aiming to make interaction more natural and thus easier to break the ice between users, facilitating this by providing users with blogs to express themselves. People can promote themselves also via picture scrolls or blog rolls. Communication between users also occurs via public, private messaging system and chat.
  • Credits: The site uses a credit system and not subscription model and will help reduce spam which is a normal problem for women using time based subscription models.

I believe this newly entrant in the online matchmaking world will be an interesting one, so I definitely like to suggest readers to give it a try, may be you too found someone for yourself. To start, click here.

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