Market’s Reaction Over Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Stock Price Got Up But After Taking Time

Posted on Mar 2 2012 - 5:37am by Editorial Staff

It’s always interesting to note the company’s stock price soon after its any of product releases and updates. This is what makes us to stop and take a sigh at Microsoft’s stocks. The Redmond-based giant unveiled Windows 8 Consumer Preview two days back during the Microsoft’s Windows 8 event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Over on the top of this, we all know most of the investors are not technologically savvy, for them the announcements by the company and then the up and down in stock price matter a lot. This is even what we expect to. Analysing for the day after the launch, we found Microsoft lost ground slowly, ending down for the day – but over the next day, the stock price hit a par and lifter up, giving investors’ confidence in the operating system. Have a look below and check out the findings yourself:

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