Mark Zuckerberg On How Facebook Is Different From Google, HP

Posted on May 15 2012 - 4:47am by Editorial Staff

Mark Zuckerberg turns 28 yesterday – a year older and grasping the heat to become more rich once the IPO is out – the biggie IPO – but what makes him and his company so big – is it the way he puts up the thing – the innovation behind or a lots more – he had started the company from a dorm room – and now having the offices worldwide with user base of 901 million users and even there is still a lot to comes more as the news broke that Facebook is again planning to refile its S-1 documentation for IPO tomorrow at a range of $34-$38 per share, which means its valuation would be between $92 billion to $103 billion. What makes him as well as Facebook different from other companies?

“I think the biggest difference between Facebook and other companies is how focused we are on our mission … Different companies care about different things,” Zuckerberg told The Huffington Post. “There are companies that care about, just really care about having the biggest market cap. Or there are companies that are really into process or the way they do things. Hewlett Packard, right? The thing that you always hear about them is ‘the HP Way.’ … Google, I think, is very tied to their culture — they really love that. For us, it is the mission: building a company that makes the world more open and connected. The articulation of that has, I think, changed over time. But that’s really been, like, the belief the whole time.”

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