Mark Zuckerberg Gets $500,000 Salary Plus 45% Bonus, Facebook Revealed

Posted on Feb 9 2012 - 9:04am by Editorial Staff

The social networking giant, Facebook last week filed its S-1 papers for its late-may due IPO – the company filed for an Initial Public Offering to raise $5 billion In its IPO bid. As part of it, the company revealed lots of interesting new numbers that indicates how big it actually is – with its users’ number, investors’ shareholding percentage, top employees salaries and many other things.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the new IPO information submitted by the social giant has revealed that founder Mark Zuckerberg is eligible and will be paid half a million i.e. bonuses of up to 45 percent twice-a –year of their base salaries and other earnings.

On the other side, AllFacebook reports that Sharepost auction today saw the $103.4 billion figure which is based on the company’s share of 2.35 billion outstanding shares – both figures surpass the top end of the $75 billion to $100 billion range in value, the auction closed at $44 per share.

The company revealed that total revenue in 2011 reached $3.7 billion with net income at $695 million dollars and now has 845 million users, who post 250 million pictures and make 2.7 billion likes and comments on the site each day.

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