The Many Benefits Of Having A Family Pet

Posted on Aug 23 2017 - 9:35am by Editorial Staff

Taking care of a pet can teach your children skills that help with their development. The most popular pets are dogs and cats. A pet develops your child’s physical and motor skills, improves social skills, and cognitive skills. It gives children a chance to learn how to care for the pet by feeding it, engaging in exercise and play, and developing an emotional bond. If you decide to buy a pet, it would be a smart choice to consider a good pet insurance, as pets that play with children are more likely to get hurt

Develop physical and motor skills.

When your child plays with a dog or cat, they learn physical and motor skills. Walking a dog or even playing with it outside in the yard develops coordination and promotes exercise. Dogs are very active pets and need to get regular exercise. From playing catch with a ball or stick to running or walking, pets teach kids motor skills.

Enclosed yards with fences are safer for dogs and cats. Cats can play inside with catnip toys, scratching posts, and other interactive toys. Letting a cat outside is good exercise if the yard is safe. Cats like chasing mice or birds, climbing trees, and playing outside. Watching their pets while they playoutside gives children a chance to learn responsibility.

Emotional connection and caring

A dog or catprovides your child with a bond or connection.Pets give unconditional love and do not judge your child. According to the Pet Health Council, children with pets develop high self-esteem. They are not afraid to try new things and make mistakes.

Are your children ready for a pet? Children that are mature and willing to take responsibility at home are good candidates for a pet. Because children learn to nurture the animal, they will have empathy for others. Caring for the pet by feeding it, letting it out to go to the bathroom, or cleaning the litter box teaches nurturing and caring skills.

Learning about life and death

Pets die, and children with pets learn about grief and loss. Your children will grieve for the pet, and talking about it allows children to express grief and cope with the loss. Planning a pet cremation is another way to help children put closure on the loss and feel part of the process. It is a comforting way to say goodbye to your pet and provides the opportunity for you to give it a respectable resting place.

Develops reasoning, thinking, and memory skills

When children have a pet, they may develop an interest in learning more about the animal by reading or doing online research. This promotes active learning skills. It improves their thinking, reasoning, and memory skills. This often leads them to learn more about science and nature. Reading develops literacy skills and critical thinking. An interest in a pet broadens their perspective of the world.

Social skills and good mental health

Kids with pets often meet other kids with pets and connect with others. When you walk your dog or take it to a dog park,other children are there doing the same. It gives kids a common subject to talk about with other kids at school or in social situations. Kids that suffer from depression find that pets help them because they have to focus on something outside themselves.

These are the many reasons why a pet is a good choice for families.

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