Making A Business Out Of Building PCs

Posted on Jun 13 2017 - 6:01pm by Editorial Staff

If technology DIY is your passion, or if you just think that the building of computers is a trend that you want to cash in on, then making a business out of building PCs is a viable venture to take. However, before you take such a venture you need to take heed of that particular market, which is by no means a new one, and the shifting climate of business in general. Specifically, you need to be able to know what specific market in the overarching market of building PCs it is that you will be tapping into. Below you can find information that will help you do just that.

Find your niche and your USP

As with any type of business, when you create your own PC building business you will need to find its niche and then its USP. But the need to find a niche is more important in this particular type of business than it is in any other. It is so because it is the defining factor of what particular market you will be entering and what exactly you will be creating. Your niche could be anything from gaming PCs to accountant PCs to lawyer PCs to healthcare PCs or even to educational PCs. You need to know your niche right off the bat in this venture simply because it is the factor that drives what PCs you build. Well, you don’t want to start working on a gaming PC when you are in fact hoping to crack the educational PC market, do you? If you do so you will waste a host of time, effort and money. So, pick you niche and work towards it. And then, once you have your niche and you’re working towards it, it’s time to start finding and implementing your USP. As stated, the overarching business of building PCs is now a mature one. Therefore, the market is already inundated with PC building entrepreneurs like yourself. So you have to stand out. To do so you should take inspiration from your competition. No, this doesn’t mean copying them — that would be illegal. It just means seeing what it is they are doing and how they offering what they offer, and trying to put your own twist on it. This could mean adding a specific factor to your PCs that makes them stand out. Or it could mean you distribute in a different way to the ways in which your competition distributes.

Find out what your audience want

Once you’ve chosen your niche you will have a ready made audience built in. And it’s your job to find out exactly what this audience needs and wants. For instance, if you’ve entered the educational market, the audience that will be using your PCs are teachers. Therefore, you should cater to what teachers need day in, day out. They need easy access to student records. They need to have their lesson plans stored safely. They need to have their teaching schedule on display at all times. And you should know about all of this whilst you are planning out your educational PC. Because the building of a PC, no matter what particular market you enter, is such a specific venture, you need to cater to your specifics (your audience) as much as you can. Because, if they don’t buy and use your product, who will?

Find friends and distributors to help you

No matter how skilled you or those who work for you are at building PCs. No matter how knowledgeable you may deem yourself to be in your market. You will need help. You will need help when it comes to sourcing the components you need. You will need advice from people who actively work in the market you target. Firstly, when it comes to the sourcing of components you need to find a reputable distributor. You need to find one that will offer you every tool that you need. Distribution sites such as are one such source that you should turn to; their site is inundated with all sorts of electrical components that act as the foundations for the building of any PC, no matter its niche. You also need to find as many partners as you can in your specific market. Partnering up with solution provider will provide you with the knowledge of both your market and how to get the best out of a PC that works in it. You should also do your own research into your market just to ensure you know exactly what features to build into your PC.

There are a host of things that every entrepreneur has to get right when they start their business. But, as an owner of a PC building business, you have to be even more careful that you get everything right. This is because of the fact that right off the bat this kind of business sets out its stall. Right off the bat it creates and provides its own niche products in its own market. So, you need to not only know exactly what direction you are going in right from the word go, but you need to get everything right in regards to that direction too.

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