Lucrative Investment Ideas You Might Not Have Considered

Posted on Apr 21 2017 - 5:14pm by Editorial Staff

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If you’re just getting into investing, you may be looking down obvious routes such as property and gold. Whilst these are often healthy and safe investments, you could make a much greater return by looking a little off the beaten track in terms of investment ideas. Here are a few lucrative examples that have been gaining popularity in the last couple years that you might not have considered.

Social media

A decade ago, investing in social media shares was a risky strategy. The market looked volatile with sites such as Myspace becoming social media giants and then fading away in the blink of an eye. Many investors expected the same of Facebook, but instead the social media site has continued to grow more colossal and stock prices have continued to steadily rise. Investors predict that there are still a good few more years left in this trend given that Facebook has no real competitors.

Green technology

The times when oil investment reigned supreme are coming to an end. Sustainable energy is now becoming the booming industry. Those that invest in the construction of wind farms have seen enormous returns – whilst wind turbines cost a lot to build, they cost very little to run and have proved to make investors a swift return. The solar panel trade is also booming. If you have some money to invest, shop around for local small businesses or projects in green technology and ask about getting involved.

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Rare coins

You can make a lot of money out of old money. Rare coins have seen gains of 13.2% in three years, making this a collectable worth hoarding. As with any investment, you’ll have to do a lot of reading up. There are lots of resources on rare coins and antique dealers can be very knowledgeable in this area. As a heads up, look out for British coins from the 1500s and 1600s – some of these have seen increases in value of over 20% in the last three years alone!

Health insurance

Americans all need health insurance and with rates rising and population booming, investors have started to see this as a good place to grow their money. There are many companies out there such as Health Insurance Innovations in which you can monitor stock prices. Small companies are popping up all the time and could be a good source of investment.

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Very few will probably have considered this one. However, for whatever reason, the pork industry is booming with companies such as Lean Hogs seeing a mighty return of 56.3% in one year alone! This won’t be the case with every pork company, so make sure to shop around stock charts first before diving in (you don’t want to make a pig’s ear of your investment). Those involved in food or agriculture may be able to benefit most from this investment

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