Love Creating? How Manufacturing Could Become The Career Of Your Dreams

Posted on May 9 2017 - 4:08pm by Editorial Staff

If you’re a creative soul, chances are your passions drive your dreams. After many mundane hours spent at work, you might love to spend an hour or so at home sketching or building something new. Creativity is something that only a few of us possess. It’s important you don’t waste it! Wouldn’t you love to be able to steer your career toward exploiting your creativity a little more? It is possible.

There are many careers that require a good degree of creativity. You don’t have to be an artist or a musician. Well-paid jobs that offer plenty of opportunities for promotion do exist if you have a creative mind. For example, if you love building things and designing things, you might consider a career in manufacturing. It takes an ability to see beyond the problems and keep your vision trained on the end product. Most importantly, it requires a creative approach.

So how can you get into manufacturing?


There are many different paths that lead to a good career in manufacturing. To work your way to the top, you need something that employers want. Unique qualifications will pique an employer’s interest. You can acquire useful qualifications. Things like lean manufacturing training online can save you having to give up your day job right now. This will help provide you with the skills you need to supplement your creativity in a real-world professional job.


Once you have gained the knowledge and skills from training, you will also need to prove you have relevant experience. What have you created? How many designs have you completed? Make sure you have a really comprehensive portfolio of ideas. Demonstrate how you created something from them with finished products or prototypes. Once you understand what it takes to take something of a design sheet and turn it into a real thing, your career in manufacturing can take off.

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Not all jobs are advertised. If you have a great idea on paper and can demonstrate its viability, why not take it to a manufacturer as a proposal? Many companies look for creative talent that offers them new product ideas or entry into expanding markets. What do you have that is so special? What can you create for them? Proposing something takes just one meeting. You’ll have that one opportunity to show how it’s made, and why it will sell in volume.

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Entry Level or Business Owner?

You don’t have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Of course, there are lots of advantages to doing this. You can learn on the job, meet the people that are already making their careers, and find out more and more about manufacturing. If you fancy being the boss, why not consider a start-up? When it comes to manufacturing, many businesses outsource. The disadvantage of this is that you need to pay your suppliers before you start to generate your income from sales. Business loans often solve this, but you need a compelling proposal for the bank to get one.

So what’s your big idea? Are you ready to make a career from it? Love creating.

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