London Olympics Saw 150 Million Tweets, Usain Bolt Tops The Tweet Chart With 80,000+ Tweets Per Minute

Posted on Aug 13 2012 - 4:20am by Editorial Staff

With another instalment of Olympics game – the London Olympics 2012 came to end; there is a huge memorable moment’s swing in front of us: the wins, the losses, the drama and a lot more. In giving you a complete mixture what happens on social media site Twitter, the micro-blogging giant in its blog post revealed that during the games, the site saw more than 150 million Tweets.

The biggest moments of competition, as measured by Tweets per minute, were:

  • Usain Bolt (@UsainBolt) of Jamaica wins gold in the 200m sprint: 80,000+ TPM
  • Bolt wins gold in the 100m sprint: 74,000+ TPM
  • Andy Murray (@andy_murray) of Great Britain wins gold in the men’s tennis singles: 57,000+ TPM
  • Jamaica wins gold and sets the world record in the men’s 4×100 relay: 52,000+ TPM
  • Team USA beats Spain to win gold in men’s basketball: 41,000+ TPM

Now, this sounds interesting as it clearly indicating how far we have reach in technology and that too in social media technology.

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