LLoLLo Brings In The Revolutionary Airport Car Parking Wonder

Posted on Feb 20 2017 - 9:34am by Editorial Staff

Tired of paying through your nose for airport parking fees? Take a cab to the airport. What if you are tired of paying special taxi fares for the airport? Well, there is LLoLLo for that. LLoLLo is an excellent concept that allows you to drive to the airport in your own car and then hand over your car to a parking concierge over there. Upon your return, simply ask for the car to be returned and drive back home in your car. LLoLLo parks your car away from the airport so you don’t end up paying high airport fees. Booking of the pickup, payment for parking, request for car return is all handled by the LLoLLo app, so all you need to do is carry your smartphone like you always do.

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