LinkedIn Brings Key Changes, Updates To Its Platform: Simplified Developer Website, Redesigns Third-Party Sign-in Flow

Posted on Aug 8 2012 - 5:26am by Editorial Staff

The business networking site LinkedIn has bring some key changes and updates to its platform, welcoming developers to foster creative innovations using LinkedIn’s technology. The company brings following updates: Updated Sign in with LinkedIn Experience. Updated Share API, Simplified developer website and Updated LinkedIn Developer Platform Terms of Service.

Here are the new changes which company brings:

Updated Sign in with LinkedIn Experience: Our offsite Sign in flow features a fresh new design, and developers will now have the ability to request email addresses and specify permissions from users who want to use their LinkedIn credentials to sign in and register for applications.

Updated Share API: Our share API will now offer qualified developers attribution on LinkedIn’s update stream when their users share content to their LinkedIn network, which will link back to the developer’s site. Members will start to see the new attribution feature in their update stream over the next few weeks

Simplified developer website: We are unveiling a cleaner, easier to navigate website that provides quicker access to our developer tools and paths for working with LinkedIn.

Updated LinkedIn Developer Platform Terms of Service: This further clarifies the best ways to work with LinkedIn to provide the best experience possible for our developers and our members. In the past year we’ve launched partner programs in several areas where we see opportunities to work more closely with developers, such as the Certified Developer Program. We encourage developers to explore our available APIs or contact us for partnership opportunities.

(Image Source: LinkedIn Blog)

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