LG Optimus G 4 Billboard Advert Just Above Samsung Galaxy S IV Advert At Times Square (Competitor’s Edge)

Posted on Mar 14 2013 - 2:27pm by Karan Chopra

With continuous upswings taking place for the soon-to-be announced Samsung Galaxy S IV (with recent images leaked detailing information), why do its rivals stay quite. The South-Korean giant have been using the number “4” as a lot in its campaign for the newest device, but interesting both The Verge and Engadget comes on bringing a “valuable rival plus” report suggesting that LG has just put up its advert of Optimus G 4 right above its rival (i.e. Samsung advert) at Times Square billboards.

No doubt, thanks to Galaxy S IV, Samsung being sworn out to get a lot of publicity, but why do Samsung only always have the fun. LG’s own advert placements are although at higher and brighter spot than that of Samsung’s. Well, as of now, our eyes primarily all on Samsung to unveil and welcome the new Galaxy S IV at Times Square today and we will be covering it live, so stay tuned with us.

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