LG: No ‘Immediate Plans’ To Introduce More Windows Phone Hardware (Updated)

Posted on May 1 2012 - 6:21am by Editorial Staff

Korea Herald reports that LG has no immediate plans to produce more Windows Phone hardware. The publication states that Microsoft’s Chief Executive Steve Ballmer visiting Seoul later this month and having meetings with chief of LG. If we think at first the meeting would be for implication of Windows Phone in LG but what “The total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure,” said the LG spokesman, further elaborating that it currently has no plans of rolling out another LG-manufactured Windows phone soon. The executive also said LG is taking a step back from Windows phones powered by Microsoft’s platform, adding that it will “continue research and development efforts” on Windows Phones.

“The Windows platform brings flexible and customer-friendly software that ties into the Web and the PC, giving our phones a wide range of new capabilities to address an increasing number of segments and markets,” said LG’s then-Chief Nam Yong. According to Lee of Microsoft Korea, Windows Phones took up less than 2 percent of the global smartphone market share, which explains why its CEO Ballmer left out the latest details on it during the company’s earnings call earlier last month. Claiming that the firm is “working to bring Windows Phone to more people,” he noted that Microsoft remains pleased with its Nokia partnership.

Update: LG is having no plans to ditch Windows Phone

LG spokesperson told Pocket-Lint that “None of it is true. Korea Herald is showing its speculative side again,” a spokesman for the company in Korea said, “We are still on board with Windows Phone, but right now, we’re focusing on Android because that’s where the demand is.”

The official line is very different to rumours which stated that LG had ditched the Microsoft powered Windows Phone 7 operating system for good. With the update, the company confirms that it has no such plans although the rumors makers always go the same way.

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