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Posted on Feb 20 2017 - 6:22pm by Editorial Staff

In 2017 it’s important that your business stands out and stays relevant. That means you need to think about the new ways you can use social media to catch the attention of your customers and bring them into the fold. We’ve got some great tips on how to do that.

Buy Button

Since patience is so last year, it’s time to think about getting customers to the sale quicker. Rather than managing to move them from your social network to the site where you’re selling the goods let them buy right on the network. You can do that with Twitter buy buttons and it means you don’t lose any customers through the connection or link.

Live Feeds

You need to keep your company looking fresh and what better way than to open up live feeds. If you do this, you’re giving your taste of your company in real time. That means they won’t miss an update or skip a beat because it’s right there in front of them. Essentially, you’ll be opening a window into your company and you can use this tactic as many times as you like.

New Kids On The Block

Lastly, you shouldn’t be settling with the typical ways to market your business through social media like Facebook and Twitter. A lot of businesses are moving on with the majority of content expected to be video in the future. So, blogging isn’t as important as releasing Youtube videos. And if you want to get that key 18-24 demographic, you need to go where the kids are. That’s definitely Snapchat, as can be seen in this infographic.

Infographic Designed By snapchat infographic

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