Lenovo Will Be ‘First Manufacturer’ Coming With A Windows 8 Tablet

Posted on Mar 16 2012 - 6:54am by Editorial Staff

Earlier, Dell said that the company would offer an enterprise tablet on the same day when Windows 8 ships to customers, but the company now have to work on some really good strategy in terms of selling point of view as Lenovo is planning internally to be the first manufacturer to release a Windows 8 tablet, and interesting to note here that the company is also planning to ship the first unit in October itself at the same time when Windows 8 ships. There are other companies too who are in the run of developing the similar operating system tablet like a news that we reported yesterday that Nokia is working on its own tablet, said to be a “Windows 8” based tablet, in order to compete with Apple’s iPad. There is lot to come on the similar sigh as soon as the operating system consumer October release date approached further nearer.

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