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Google has emerged as one of the most popular search engines and till date very few search engines come even close to Google. This is possible by the company’s policies of referral or viral marketing. It has a highly precise home page, nothing elaborate, but it has been able to win the trust of consumers with their transparent and superior advertisement policies. The matter further gains momentum because Google loyal consumers recommend Google to their own friends, and this is basically what referrals mean!

Here are some of the techniques that Google uses for promotional purposes.

Magic of “Going Google”-Advertisement Campaign

Regarding Google apps, the company has left no stone unturned. They have used television ads that market about compatible apps with the Android and other platforms. Taking you back to August 2009, when Google used an advertisement for “Going Google” to get informed? This advertisement ran for almost a month and told people why an increasing number of people were using Google apps. In the prominent cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, the Billboards were innovated each day to attract commuters by giving information of newer apps and “Going Google.” In “Going Google” ad, the company showed a man, standing on the street being excited about the advantages of “Going Google”. There is nothing flashy or roundabout in the ad, it was rather a straight forward approach of outdoor billboards.

Viral Marketing Strategy of Google

It is undeniable that Google’s market is dependent a lot over viral marketing, and you must have noticed that all the advertisements pertaining to Google depict occasions in life where the Google apps can offer comfort in the internet usage. You may take the example of that was coming with taglines like lightning fast, clean and simple.

Google owns the AdWords for promoting its products and also using the Google on YouTube for further marketing. For instance, when a consumer searches for any product in the search engine, all the related natural or “organic” links will be displayed. You will see a line of advertisements at the right hand side of the results. Those are paid ads which come under the Google AdWords program. The idea for a business is to use a combination of natural SEO as well as advertisements to rank in a visible position. If someone is searching personalized koozies it could be for creating handouts for their business or perhaps for personalized fun. Either way specific searches like that are where companies want to be visible to gain the most potential business.

Additionally, Google has been able to expand its gamut of promotions over Twitter, YouTube and AdWords and so on. The company has consistently been able to focus on the seamless navigation experience over the net, and this is the reason why most people like to use this as a search engine.

Google Offers Gifts for Sales Promotion

Google has various formats-twitter tags to commercials-yet its gives out its messages in highly simple approaches. Even though, it is not imperative for Google users to buy Google products, yet the company has created a mark for itself by offering incentives out to them, which no other company offers! Definitely it is a good marketing strategy, and when it comes to sales promotions of different trades Google sees that it selects only those companies who look into the benefits of the customers, for promotion. Google has offered such companies gifts like Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs and more in the Google apps store.

The strategies of Google have definitely worked and being globally accepted is itself the evidence of the success of a simple approach of promotion. You can notice the innovative Google Logo below which is the search toolbar. Whereas other search engines have massacred speed for promotions and advertisements, Google has ensured speed by keeping it uncomplicated because if you are not fast you are in oblivion, in the Internet World.

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