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Posted on May 6 2015 - 7:02am by Jenny Richards

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Editor’s Note: Written along with Keanu Jones, a computer programmer, who has been associated with the industry for many years. Apart from this blog, the author has written many articles on power slides to help people are looking to start preparing their presentation with PowerPoint.

Many professionals and people who need to use the PowerPoint application often face malfunction while preparing their presentations. People who use PowerPoint for several purposes should know that their presentation can bear their reputation and a small mistake can develop negative impression among audience.

However, PowerPoint users will be glad to know that by following a few simple steps they can address their problems and can present a fair and errorless presentation to the audience. If a user spends hours to prepare a presentation with efficiently selected fonts, the user will witness sudden changes for that moment and that is how he/she can encounter a PowerPoint font trap with power slides.

Be Aware of Wrong PowerPoint Font

Working with a wrong PowerPoint font is far more serious than just an ordinary one and the continuation of such errors can be devastating and career threatening for any professional. Users should know that a wrong font could change the whole word wrapping and overall readability of the presentation.However, such a problem can be prevented easily if right measures are taken at the right time.

Why PowerPoint Font Malfunction Does Happen?

People who work on MS PowerPoint often face font problem when they are working on their projects. However, the PowerPoint font problem is commonly caused by simple fact that the computer that the user is using to prepare the presentation does not have the same fonts that he/she has been using to prepare the presentation.

Although, Windows often offers substitute fonts to make it easy for the users, but those fonts are not acceptable all the time. The font problems of the PowerPoint can be found in all versions of the Microsoft PowerPoint, including the 2007 version.

How to Prepare Font for Your Next Presentation?

Preparing font is not as tough as it looks, and by simply following some easy steps one can executes all the tasks associated with it. Here we will provide you two viable alternatives that can be very helpful, if you are working on your project.

#1 – Safe Basic Fonts

If you want to work with basic fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, Courier,etc and ready to install them in your computer, then you have to consider them as ‘Safe’. However, this will surely be the fastest and the easiest approach you can make to prepare font according to your project.

#2 – Embed Fonts

Once you embed the fonts that have been used in your presentation, you should know that they will travel with your presentation and they will be displayed no matter what sort of fonts are installed in your computer. By following a few simple steps, you can embed the fonts into your presentation.

Step-1: choose the office button, which can be found at the top left of the windows

Step- 2:after pressing the Office Button, choose the PowerPoint button that will come along with the button margin of PowerPoint window.

Step- 3: choose the save option that will come out on the left corner of the PowerPoint window.

Step- 4:now, you have to check the Embed Fonts in the file box and choose the second-sub option to embed all characters. However, this will be the safest procedure that will ensure that you got all the characters of all fonts while working for your presentation on any computer. You can keep a safeguard so that no third party can edit your presentation.

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