Language Immersion Extension For Chrome

Posted on May 3 2012 - 5:33am by Editorial Staff

Foreign language skills – this is what we do require at some stage of life but what if we do not have time to studying it – well it would not be a problem anymore as a new Chrome extension might be just what you’re after. The Google Creative Lab along with Use All Five have launched a Language Immersion extension that intersperses text on the web with random words from one of a number of languages. Giving you a choice to select the frequency of foreign words on a sliding scale from novice to fluent, and then showing up in your text highlighted in blue – clicking them instantly translates the language in your native language.


  • Choose from all 64 languages currently supported by Google Translate.
  • Novice-to-fluent skill settings let you immerse at your own pace.
  • Click on a translated word to switch it back to English.
  • Roll-over a translated word to hear it pronounced.

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