Keep Your Kids Entertained When They Aren’t At School With These Money Saving Tips

Posted on Apr 1 2016 - 3:08pm by Editorial Staff

The school holidays give your children time to have fun and recharge their batteries before another term begins. While this is prime family time for most, many parents worry that their budget won’t stretch. This can result in disappointed and bored kids which can lead to a plenty of tears and tantrums. But just because your kids are off doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on keeping them occupied. There are plenty of things you can do to keep them entertained for little to no money. So for some much-needed inspiration, take a look at these money saving activities you could try.

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Transform your garden

No matter what size your garden is, your kids can get involved in making it look amazing. They could help you with watering the flowers, planting and even weeding. They could also decorate plant pots, build a bird feeder or help to clean garden furniture. All you will need is some child sized gardening tools and plenty of enthusiasm to begin. Also, buy an umbrella and make sure they are wearing waterproof coats and shoes just in case the weather takes a turn for the worst. This will encourage them to take an interest in nature while also helping to transform your garden into a space you can all enjoy. Just make sure every activity is exciting and show your appreciation for their help.

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Visit a museum

Many museums have free entry for all, making them an ideal place for a fun day out. This is an ideal money saving activity that will encourage your children to learn even when they aren’t at school. Many museums will also have child-friendly quizzes, events and shows that they could also get involved in. While it may not be a theme park, museums are more enjoyable than many people realise. Your kids could learn about Dinosaurs or animals. Or they could dress up as famous historical figures and play children’s games that are centuries old. To save you, even more, money, you could also pack a picnic that includes all of your kid’s favourite snacks. Again, make this trip sound exciting and be enthusiastic about learning and your children will follow suit.

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Learn a dance routine or song

Sometimes the weather will not always be on our sides and prevent you from going outside. So instead of just having a standard day at home, why not make it more enjoyable. You can use Youtube to find children’s dance tutorials and songs which you can learn together. Or you could just make up your own using your imagination. You can then dress up and perform your routine to your partner, friends or neighbours. This is a wonderful activity to try at home and shows your kids how to unlock their creativity. Plus it doesn’t have to cost you a penny which makes it even more appealing.

So instead of worrying about your finances, try out one or all of these money saving activities and enjoy this quality time together. You can all enjoy yourself throughout the school holidays and save some money at the same time too.

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