Just 13 Percent Either ‘Often’ Or ‘Regularly’ Clicks On The Facebook Ads

Posted on May 17 2012 - 4:43pm by Editorial Staff

With yesterday big news which says that General Motor is ditching Facebook ads as according to the company it is having little impact only. A UK-based digital marketing firm, Grrenlight, comes with a study to evaluate the value of Facebook advertising. The firm conducted a survey [PDF] with 500 people, among it 44% of respondent said that they “never” click on an advertisement or sponsored listing in the social network, while 31% said they “rarely” click on ads. While, over all on the top just 13% said that they either “often” or “regularly” click on the ads.

Over the GM Facebook ad issue, “Facebook advised [GM] to invest more wisely in a campaign that would reach more people,” the person familiar said. Instead, though, GM put most of its money into the development of promotional apps and its corporate “page presence” on Facebook, and “didn’t see a response” as a result. “No one will know that stuff is there unless you use paid media to promote it,” the individual said.

(Image Source: Grrenlight, Featured Image)

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