Judge Koh Believes Samsung Had A Reasonable Belief That It Wasn’t In The Wrong, Find Samsung Patent Infringement Wasn’t Willful

Posted on Jan 30 2013 - 11:33am by Editorial Staff
Apple Vs. Samsung

Apple Vs. Samsung

The Apple V. Samsung finally comes to such an interesting phase today when Judge Lucy Koh has overturned the jury’s ruling by stating that Samsung’s infringement of Apple patents was not in fact wilful with earlier jury had decided that Samsung’s infringement in five of the instances had in face been wilful, Foss Patents reports.

Further, as part of post-verdict proceedings, Samsung has even asked Koh to consider whether this should be challenged or not, and on which Koh agreed. On Apple’s part, the company being granted one request to invalidate two of Samsung’s patent claims, but other fives now being denied.

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