Japanese Court Ordered Google To Close Its Autocomplete Feature In Japan

Posted on Mar 26 2012 - 9:57am by Editorial Staff

Over the petition filed by a man, a Japanese court ordered the search giant Google to close down its auto-complete feature on the grounds of a man complaint claiming it is violating his privacy and affect his career. Entering man’s name in Japanese language in search engine, results into generating more than 10,000 words that are defaming or disparaging of him, Mainichi Daily News reports.

Before filing the petition with the court last October, the man asked Google to delete certain words. But Google rejected the request on the grounds that the suggested words were selected mechanically, not intentionally, and thus do not violate privacy, his lawyer Tomita said.

”It could lead to irretrievable damage such as a loss of job or bankruptcy just by showing search results that constitute defamation or a violation of the privacy of an individual person or small and medium-sized companies,” Tomita said.

”It is necessary to establish a measure to enable swift redress of damage in the event of a clear breach,” Tomita said, adding the man will take further legal action to prompt Google to follow the court order if the Internet search giant continues to refuse to do so.

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