How To Jailbreak Apple TV4, TV3, TV2 Via Software

Posted on Jan 28 2017 - 10:38pm by Editorial Staff

The demand of functional jailbreak tool for the Apple TV 4, 3 and 2 units and the news that the Pangu team has updated the Apple tool have really excited the owners of these amazing devices.

Every Apple TV 4 owners knows that with the help of the Pangu tool it is possible to do untethered jailbreak on any Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 2 which operates on iOS 6.1.4/ tvOS 9.0.

Unfortunately, still nobody has managed to find a solution and to provide working tool that can jailbreak Apple TV 3 unit. So please bear this info in mind and be careful not to use unverified software tools.

Why do Jailbreak on my apple TV 4, TV 2? 

Once it is properly conducted, the jailbreak can make your Apple device even more potent. Besides the standard set of Apple applications you can normally use, the jailbroken device will also support using third party software apps from different sources. This means that the iOS of Apple will be converted into different format that will support applications that are provided by manufacturers that have no relation to Apple whatsoever.

And for the owners of Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 2 these are amazing news. Of course one of the biggest benefits you will get is the possibility to stream media content such as movies and TV shows such as the XMBC or Hulu with no limits or restrictions. 

Jailbreaking Apple TV 4, TV 2 is safe and legal

Do not worry about safety issues because it is allowed to do jailbreak on any Apple device without having to face legal consequences. Several years ago the Federal Government has passed a bill on this issue and ever since it is allowed to do jailbreak on any Apple device.

Useful info

Please remember that during the jailbreak procedure you may be asked to install and use some additional third party services. Also, at this moment using the Pangu tool it is possible to jailbreak only Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 2, while for Apple TV 3 the users will still have to wait. In addition to this, in order to complete the task, you will need an Apple Developer Account (which can be free or paid) and some basic tech skills. Still, do not fret over this one, because there is nothing complicated, and we have every step thoroughly explained. 

Apple TV 3 cannot be jailbroken!!!

Even though the demand is enormous, so far even Pangu did not manage to find a solution to the jailbreak issue of Apple TV 3. So in case you run into some online service offering you free jailbreak for this type of device, feel free to immediately ignore it. There has been info that Pangu is working on the issue, however so far there were no positive results shown. In case a new tool capable of jailbreaking the ATV 3 is released we will immediately inform you so feel free to check our site on regular basis.

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