It’s All Connected, Running A Successful Marketing Campaign

Posted on Aug 10 2015 - 6:10pm by Editorial Staff

Running a successful marketing campaign for a business this year can seem quite complicated. There are so many different factors to take into account and considerations to be made about where to start. You need to figure out where you should be investing most of your funds. Decide if you should be using social marketing, online ads, or television. Actually, you should be using every piece of marketing that you can think of. It all connects to make one massive, successful campaign. Here is what we mean.

Start With The Website

Do you already have a website setup? Brilliant, then you just need to make sure it is as clear and attractive as it can be. Make sure that it is filled with pictures, graphics and videos so that it is easy to understand. Use links throughout articles so that you can send viewers where you want them to go and nudge them towards a purchase. Try to be bold with the style of your site and if you have a little extra cash in your funds, get a logo professionally designed. This will make your website look and feel professional.

This Links To SEO

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SEO or search engine optimization is how you get people to see your business site. That means when they type a word into Google related to your business they will find your site. If you used links throughout your articles and you designed it sensibly, your search engine ranking might already be quite high. But, it can always go higher by using a company that specialises in SEO. They will ensure your company appears on the first page of a results page not the fifth.

SEO Connects To CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization is a term for describing the process of turning site viewers into customers or clients. You can do this in a number of ways. Again, if your site is attractive and looks professional, then you may be getting quite a few customers through CRO. But, if you want to get a boost on those numbers, speak to a CRO specialist. They have analysed information to find what attracts customers the most and how to get consumers to settle on a purchase.

CRO Links To Social Media

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CRO is about making customers and evidence shows customers love to share information and connect. The way they do this is through social media. That means if you want your website to be attractive, it needs to be linked to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Social media marketing is the perfect way to get your customers to engage with your company and create new interest. For instance, using Twitter you can get feedback from your customers. But, you also have the opportunity to follow your competition and retweet them. You can then attract the interest of their customers and maybe even steal a few away.

We hope you see now how the dots connect and why each version of marketing is beneficial to your business.

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