Is a Zombie Invasion Possible? (Infographic)

Posted on Nov 29 2013 - 9:19am by Alexandra Ashton

For nearly 30 years scientists have been studying the idea that creating a zombie is possible. With the onset of zombie popularity firmly entrenched in today’s films, books and games, Wish decided to take a deeper look into the terrifying possibility that we could be about to suffer a zombie invasion in the very near future.

The infographic looks at 5 different ways zombies can be created, and gives each a plausibility factor. Joint top of the list with a high threat factor are robot zombies and those created via neurogenesis. The robot types may be easier to spot as we assume they will all tend to look like Jake, the cyborg in PlayStation 2’s Nano Breaker. However, if scientists at Harvard University manage to take their experiments a step further, these may be harder to identify in the future as they could look just like the rest of us. Currently the bio-engineers have only managed to embed electrical nanowires into lab-grown flesh, enabling them to measure the contractions of the cells. If advanced nanobots can be introduced into human brains and programmed to keep functioning after we die, these zombies will be very hard to eradicate.

Neurogenesis is the method by which stem cells can re-grow dead brain tissue, and research into this is going on in labs all over the world. If someone has the money to take this a step further it’s possible a race of mindless zombies could be created, although how they would be controlled could be a problem, but at least there would not be any legal ramifications should things go drastically wrong. The other three categories are further down on the plausibility level, but to be on the safe side read the infographic and be prepared – a zombie invasion could be just around the corner!

Is a Zombie Invasion Possible Infographic

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