Is 2016 A Good Time To Review Your Hosting Situation?

Posted on Nov 10 2015 - 4:54pm by Editorial Staff


Hosting tends to be one of those things where, once it is running fine and your site is live, you sort of forget about it unless there are any problems. If you have had your site live with the same host for years, though, your current provider may no longer be the best technical solution for you, and there may be better, more cost effective options available that would also give you better support.

As with other things we tend to just renew unless there are problems, like insurance policies or internet and phone contracts, it can actually pay to review both what you are getting from your incumbent supplier, and what you could be getting elsewhere, on a yearly basis. So, what are some things to consider if you are reviewing your hosting ready to get the best options in 2016?

Are You Expecting a Big Increase in Traffic?

If you have strategies in place to help grow your traffic, or are planning a lot of activity and promotion in 2016, you may find that you need a hosting solution that can cope with this. This may mean switching the style of hosting you use altogether, particularly if you are currently using a limited shared hosting solution.

You could get more resources to support a growing user base and website, along with bigger back end databases, by having a dedicated server hosting solution like the ones you can see here: or, alternatively, you can consider using cloud hosting, which will scale with your needs. Cloud hosting may seem like the safer option if you are expecting growth, however because you pay for what you use, it can become unpredictably expensive if you experience unexpected, sudden growth.

Are There Good Deals For New Customers With Other Hosts You Could Take Advantage Of?

If you plan to stick with a similar style of hosting to what you have now, it may still make sense to change. Normally, when you sign up with a host, there are some perks that come with the new contract, for example some free credit for advertising on things like AdWords or Facebook. Because, especially with shared hosting, costs tend to be similar between the many different providers, companies compete with these kind of value add benefits to win business. By changing, you can get those enticing new customer benefits you may have enjoyed from your current host when you first signed up once again!

Are You Taking Advantage of Everything?

Reviewing your hosting isn’t just about considering whether it’s time to move, it is also good to remind yourself what you are currently paying for and see whether you are actually using everything you can. It could be that features you forgot about when you first set your site up may be useful now, or updates to your package over time have presented new options you haven’t yet leveraged.

Reviewing your hosting package annually is a really good idea, so give yours some attention and get the best deal you can for 2016.

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