‘iQ by Intel’ – An Online Magazine Featuring Daily News Selected By Over 5,000 Intel’s Staff

Posted on May 17 2012 - 4:10am by Editorial Staff

ZDNet’s Tom Foremski recently met with the team of Intel’s “iQ”, an online magazine team which features daily news and articles from all around the world along with what’s happening inside at Intel. Interesting is that content is selected by potentially by more than 5,000 of its staff.

Foremski comes with some amazing facts and figures about the magazine. The project started about a year ago and has about 160 company employees providing news and feature articles but what the primarily goal is to have more than 5,000 staff on-board for the project. The magazine is aimed at consumers with focus on what technology “enables”.

Focusing on tomorrows, on the how, on the types of things people can and will do with technology makes ‘iQ’ special. There are three sections: Media, Life, and Planet. Each story is color coded to identify its section. About half of the content is original with the tiles size shows how much the social media support each article has received.

Sounds interesting to me, why not you explore too.

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