Introducing Klone App: A Review

Posted on Jun 20 2014 - 11:50am by Editorial Staff

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Whether it is you or me, we all basically from one-to-many times missed a call or a message and that too possibly because of the reason that our Android phone is not with us as since we are on other phone (might be iPhone) or on iPad. This is quite a common scenario among us, result of which we missed some of important notifications which we received. To help you with the resolved the issue in this article, I am going to share with you about an app name as Klone app, a must for iOS Android notifications.

Well, talking about what Klone App can do for you? A first question which definitely comes in your mind – isn’t. Counting on first, you can get important notifications by choosing apps from a list which you think whose notifications need to be get mirrored to your iPad. Second, say if you leave your phone charging in another room, then with this app, you need not to be worried, as it klone every notification you received.

Key Features

  • Get Important Notifications: Choose from a list of apps to determine what notifications get mirrored to your iPad
  • Freedom to choose either device: You can leave your phone charging in the other room or in your bag and not worry about missing out on calls or messages when you are engrossed with your iPad
  • Respond later if you want: Some people are more important than others, some notifications are more important than others. Decide whether you need to respond to that notification or ignore it for now
  • Secure: Since Klone App doesn’t store your notifications, which means, all transmission are from your phone to the app server through HTTP SSL while as soon as Klone server sends out the notification to Apple Push servers, the notification will get deleted immediately.

How To Set Up?

  • You need both the iOS App (Klone) and the Phone App (Droid Sync) to work.
  • Go to the iOS App, Allow Notifications, Email the Pair Code to yourself
  • Open Droid Sync App on Android
  • Allow Droid Sync as an Accessibility Service (In Android Settings -> Accessibility -> Services Section -> Droid Sync = ON)
  • Copy and paste the Pair code from your email client into the Droid Sync App when asked (You can also manually type it in yourself.)
  • Test the notification on your Phone Device to see if a notification shows up on your iOS Device and you are done.

Sounds good? Explore now.

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