Internet Explorer 9 Continues Its Growth On Windows 7

Posted on May 2 2012 - 6:46am by Editorial Staff

According to Net Applications’ data, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 growth pips past the 50% mark on Windows 7 in the United States.  IE9 growth on Windows 7 keeps on hitting about 35.5% worldwide as of the end of April. The data is particularly encouraging for users and developers in the US, with IE9 growing 4 points of share on Windows 7, hitting 52.9% usage share in April. Last month, the browser figure was under 50% market share for Windows 7 in the United States, and this month it holds some 52.9%, up around four points. Not bad. Globally, Internet Explorer 9 controls a little over 35% of the Windows 7 market. The current version of IE only came out a little over a year ago, long after Windows 7 made it to market. So, Microsoft is fighting to both convert IE8 users, and Chrome and Firefox fans.

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