Intel CEO On Windows On ARM: It Will Struggle Without Legacy Support

Posted on May 11 2012 - 6:11am by Editorial Staff

During Intel’s annual investor meeting, CEO Paul Otellini took aim and emphasized on x86 architecture supports will offer while choosing between Windows 8 hardware powered by Intel chipsets or Windows RT devices featuring ARM processors. “There’s been a lot of debate that [Windows 8] is going to be a real entree for the ARM camp into Windows for the first time,” he said. “While at face value, that’s true…[but] I think they have a big uphill fight,” he said.

“With one button you can get to legacy mode…this is critically important for CIOs who want to preserve all of their investments in software,” he said, referring to “tens of millions” of programs built around Intel’s x86 design. “We have the advantage of the incumbency, advantage of the legacy support. Not just in terms of applications but devices.”

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