Inside Mobile Phone Action – How Addicted Are You? (Infographic)

Posted on Jul 26 2013 - 1:47pm by Jenny Beswick

There has been a rising number in the amount of people addicted to their mobile phones; youths, young adults and the professional worker in particular are hooked on the obsession of having a mobile phone to hand and running their social and daily life by it. So, are smartphones taking over the world now and what is the consequence of this? Could this potentially cause harmful health conditions or could it benefit life with advanced technology? The debate is still open, but we take a deeper look into mobile phone addiction and what tips can benefit you.

Dialtosave an international calling company have produced an interactive infographic that looks inside mobile phone addiction and cell phone action. Comparing the amount of mobile phones in use and population rate in destinations, China by far have always been the leading destination of advanced technology so it would be expected with their 1,349,585,838 population rate to have over  1,150,000,000 mobile phones in use; an astonishing number. In the interactive you can drill further into the competing destinations as they are ranked around the world.

So, who are these people who are obsessed with technology? Mobile phones as discussed affect mainly young people and professionals but there are others who let phones dominate their lives, the parent, the multi tasker, the morning and night owl, the texter and the tech obsessed. Why do they need mobile phones? Well, it’s for communication. Communication is vital to everyday living, and hardly any people these days think to pick up a phone and speak, we live in a smartphone world which handles everything without speaking. But calling is still alive and not completely dead, people still travel abroad and require international calling as a way to keep in touch long distance. This interactive infographic looks into the popular calling times and lengths of calls on average, and even translates greetings for you, so if you didn’t know good evening in Romanian its Buna Seara!

With any mobile phone use you need to think about health risks it has, if you are using a phone obsessively stop and think how you can improve the risk of health problems occurring. Get to know the symptoms and causes of smartphone addiction and if you a suffering with this change the way you use your mobile today.

Inside Mobile Phone Action - How Addicted Are You? (Infographic)

Inside Mobile Phone Action – How Addicted Are You? (Infographic); Credit: DialToSave

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