Which Industries Benefit The Most From Digital Marketing?

Posted on Nov 7 2016 - 8:40pm by Editorial Staff


There are two things you can guarantee about digital marketing. The first is that it has changed the way we think about marketing for good. The second is that it’s ever-changing, and it’s our job to simply keep up with it.

We all talk about the benefits of digital marketing, and most of us have at least gotten involved with web design and social media. But, this form of marketing has more advantages for certain industries than it does for others. It got us thinking, so I went and did some research to find industries that benefit the most from it. Here are my findings.


You might not expect this one. After all, restaurants rarely sell their services over the internet, favoring a more local approach. But, the amount of competition out there has demanded the use of digital marketing by these companies. SEO and Local SEO is particularly crucial for these establishments to rise up the rankings. And, don’t forget about review sites like TripAdvisor that can make or break a restaurant.


Information Technology

It’s not exactly surprising that this one makes the list. The rise in digital marketing has required Information Technology specialists to get on board, too. Many of these companies use their expertise to target businesses and consumers that need IT support. This is often done via PPC advertising and similar techniques.

Real Estate

There was a time when real estate and digital marketing wouldn’t have been described as a good partnership. Those days are well and truly over. It’s very common for budding house owners to browse properties online instead of visiting a local establishment. And, real estate lead generation requires a variety of digital techniques to maximize interest. So, everything from website design to online reports can come in useful.



The idea of digital marketing being an important one for attorneys stems from their need to always be available. If someone was to get into a crash, it’s likely that they’ll seek the help of the first attorney they can find. These professional companies know this, so it’s their intention to make themselves as visible as possible. This can take a variety of forms, from Facebook advertising to YouTube promotional videos. If they’re hiding in the background and not taking advantage of digital marketing, they fall behind the competition.


Again, recruitment is an industry that has only become fully digitized in recent years. The idea of waiting for a newspaper to see the latest job openings is an ancient one these days. If we’re looking for a job, we want instant updates about the latest and greatest roles. Recruitment companies have taken advantage of this with digital marketing for consumer purposes. But, they also have a job to promote themselves to businesses, looking to mailing lists and similar tactics for success.

Whatever industry you specialize in, keep in mind that digital marketing is important regardless. You can’t do without it in this day and age if you hope to achieve success in business.

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