Increase The Value Of Your Home: 5 Upgrades That Will Do Just That

Posted on Jul 31 2013 - 1:18am by Kathrine Kreger

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The value of a home is determined by many factors from the size to the exterior appearance. The amount that the different features contribute to the value of the house is determined by what is popular with buyers in the current market. Homeowners can perform a number of upgrades in and around the house in order to increase the value of the property.

Modern Windows and Doors

Modernizing the windows and doors will increase the value of a home. This is especially important for older houses that have single-pane windows in wooden frames. New windows decrease the cost of heating and cooling the home by a large amount. They are also a deterrent for burglars. New doors can change the entire appearance of the home from the curb while also increasing security.

Build a Deck or Patio

Anyone who is living in a house will want to spend time outdoors during nice weather with friends and family. Building a deck or patio in the yard will increase the value of a home. This could be a simple brick or concrete patio. It might also mean constructing an elevated wooden deck complete with an overhead cover and stairs leading down into the yard.

Modernize the Kitchen

Kitchens contribute heavily to the value of a home. Home buyers are looking for modern kitchens that are functional and efficient. Modernizing a kitchen involves installing energy-efficient appliances. For residents of Las Vegas granite countertops will add value especially if there is a large amount of space for cooking and prep work. Another popular kitchen feature is an island with seating for guests.

Add a Bathroom

The number of bathrooms in a home will make the house more valuable and comfortable for large families. A large closet, a small room or a partitioned area can be converted into a bathroom. It can even be beneficial to convert a small closet in a bedroom into a half-bathroom with just a sink and toilet. An extra bathroom makes entertaining and living with growing children easier.

Attic or Basement Conversion

A good way to increase the value of a home is to add to the usable amount of space. Attics and basements sometimes go completely unused. A popular trend is to convert an attic into a guest bedroom complete with a small bathroom. A basement could be turned into a full guest suite or another type of room like a game or entertainment center. These conversions utilize all of the space available in a home.

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