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Posted on Aug 12 2013 - 12:58pm by Morgan Johnes

Social Media

Many small and even medium business owners today underestimate the power of social networking as a tool for boosting their enterprises. This is, indeed, quite the error since social networks enable you to effortlessly reach many people in the specific areas you’re interested in. Depending on your business, you can significantly benefit from improving your presence in certain websites, but in order for the endeavor to be successful, this has to be executed with surgical precision. What do you need to consider?

Multiple pages

If you’re business has more than one location, like for example a chain of restaurants in different cities, it’s a good idea to consider multiple pages (or accounts) for each of the cities. Doing this will provide you with a useful tool for reaching the people who live in close proximity of your restaurants and will let you provide relevant information to your current and potential customers in that area. Of course, a master page as a whole is a must-have, but don’t underestimate the power of location.

Imagine you have only page for three restaurants in three different cities. Odds are the people who visit one of the venues will not be interested in the other two. Ergo, when you post updates in pricing and menus on your Facebook page, the citizens of Los Angeles will be interested and will find the information you provide relevant because they live in LA. However, your customers from New York will find the updates as close to spam as it is possible to get. Some of them might even get upset that the people in Boston where your third restaurant is located are receiving better service. Those from Boston might be upset that people from LA receive your services at lower prices (odds are there will be some difference, at least in people’s minds). As you can see in this example, having only page is not beneficial to you or your customers.

Now imagine you have four pages. One is the main page, like above. In it you provide information about the overall workings of the chain. The other three pages are of the three respective cities. This way it’s much easier for you to reach your clients (again, current and potential) and provide them only with information relevant to their area. Having different people uploading the content is also a good idea. This way they can have specific objective applicable to the area. Of course, they have to be united by a main idea, but once that happens, the information they provide will be much more beneficial to both you and your customers¬†like it is at one such Carpet Cleaner London.

Multiple Networks

Some people use Facebook but hate Twitter. Some people are fans of Google+ and can’t stand Facebook and some use only Twitter. As you can see, it’s an excellent idea to cover all of the popular social networks using the above specified advices about different accounts for different locations. This way you will reach the maximum number of people and you will provide the most useful information. Of course, it will cost you a little more but don’t let your business suffer just because you were too stingy.

Pick Your Employees Well

Your different accounts will be run by people so make sure those people are on board with your idea. You need responsible people who can think on their feet and more or less care if your business is successful or not. When you find those people, make sure you pay them well and you will receive the full benefit of their services. Fail to do this and it may cause more harm than bring you any profit. Again, don’t be stingy. You have to spend money to make money.

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