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Posted on Aug 12 2013 - 12:49pm by Damian Wolf

Mobile Apps

For the modern businessman on the go it is very important to find the most time effective way to deal with a huge workload. Being able to organize and prioritize your projects, store tons of necessary data that you need to access quickly as well as being able to manage your contacts effectively is what separates the successful executives from the low-level riffraff. A Smartphone is basically an indispensable piece of equipment without which every businessman would feel naked. There are a ton of apps out there that can help you manage your business, but as we all know, all apps are not created equal. So, what are some of the best apps out there for improving the way you do business? There is no definitive list, as it all depends on what you need personally, but the following five apps will work across the board and help make your life easier no matter what line of business you are in.

Essential PIM Pro

This app is an incredibly useful tool to any serious businessman should have on his phone. The name is short for an Essential Personal Information Manager, and the app provides you with all the functionality that this name implies – it allows you to organize your schedule, take notes as well as organize your contact list and password entries. This way you can carry with you the bulk of the data that you access daily. There are versions available for Windows 8, iPhone or iPad and Android, so you can have access to your important information on a variety of platforms. You would be hard-pressed to find another app with this level of functionality.


OfficeScope is designed to help you manage your documents effectively while at the same time providing a bunch of other useful features like allowing you to scan the paper documents you have and keep them in the cloud and allowing everyone easy access to the documents. The designers have put a lot of thought behind the product and this allows it to have a generalized utility that can help you organize your data no matter what industry you are involved with.


The Quickbooks app is available for both Android and iPhone   which allows you to manage invoices, payments, sales, appointments, etc. You can cut down on the time required to deal with any specific project as you can do things on while on the road and access the information from anywhere in the world – provided that they have Wi-Fi where you’re going. Another great thing about the app is that you can get a free one month trial to get acquainted with the app and see whether you like it or not. It is very practical and is definitely worth giving a shot.


The Burner app allows you to have a great deal of privacy and categorize your contacts, which is particularly useful for people who travel a lot on business, e.g. sales representatives or human resource managers, and come in contact with a lot of different people. Exchange numbers with enough people and you are bound to come across someone that you will either regret giving your number or simply wish to avoid. Burner allows you to quickly and easily create disposable phone numbers that you can give to people without worrying about them bothering you later on. You can create multiple numbers and designate a name for each one making it easy to keep track of who has which one of your numbers.


A very simple, yet highly effective app, Cardmunch lets you scan business cards and add them to your LinkedIn contacts. It’s one of those things that you don’t realize how useful it is until you try it out. Dealing with a large number of business cards can be boring and you are likely to lose them thus losing a potentially lucrative connection within the business world – with a simple app like Cardmunch you can make sure that you instantly create a contract with a professional social network, one that you can later access at your leisure.

There are plenty of other useful apps available for the ambitious businessman, and these five good examples should be your standards of reference when choosing a functional app for your phone.

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