Important Backpacking Tips For An Exciting And Adventurous Jungle Safari

Posted on Apr 29 2014 - 9:40am by Jenny Richards

Jungle Safari

In a jungle safari, you will venture into the woods and get close with the wild animals. You will be able to observe the behavior of the animals from a close quarter. Hiking in the mountains and camping in the forest is exciting. Before embarking on a jungle safari, you must make a packing list which covers all the necessary items which you will have to carry. Packing for safari is an exciting experience. You must keep your luggage light and leave out items which are not essential. Space will be at premium when you travel in international flight. You will not want to pay extra baggage.

Packing for safari will be different from other trips. When you travel in an open jeep and cover the dusty roads you will get dirtier than you expect. Game drives can be great fun. As you set out to catch a glimpse of the perfect kill the list of suggestions in this primer may prove useful to you.

  • When you pack clothes for a safari make sure that they are not too brightly colored. Carry clothes which are lose fitting and comfortable. When you start you game drive in the morning it will be very chilly. You must carry a fleece jacket to keep warm. It is advised that you dress in layers. It will keep you comfortable throughout the day. A long sleeved shirt will be very useful as it will protect you from insect bites and mosquitoes. Sturdy walking boots and thick socks are a must. Women can carry a light-weight shawl which is easy to fit a daybag. If you are traveling in the wet season do not forget to carry a raincoat.
  • You must include a sunscreen cream in your packing list. A good quality sunglass can be more than a fashion accessory. Sunglasses are important as they protect your eyes from the sun. You must carry your own supply of a first-aid kit. Malarial prophylactics, antithistamine for bug bites and mosquito repellant are a must. Do not forget to carry toiletries in small ravel size. Your kit should include shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and soap. Carrying prescription medicines is important. Wipes which come in sachets can be very handy during a game drive.
  • To capture the precious moments of a safari you will need a camera. To capture the animals in the wild, you will need a powerful camera. Carry an extra memory card for your camera. To store your photos, you may need an I-pad. A zoom lens and dust proof camera case will be very essential. A pair of binoculars will enhance your safari experience. It will help you to observe animals which are at a distance. Absorb the tiny details as you gaze through the binoculars and travel across wildlife safaris India.
  • If you are planning to stay in a campsite a torch will be essential. Even if you book your stay at an eco-lodge they may turn off the electricity from midnight till morning for environmental reasons. A bottle opener, a Swiss army knife and scissors will be very handy.
  • Do not forget to carry a valid passport and the visa.

These backpacking tips will help you to decide on what to bring for a safari. Make your decisions carefully and see what you can leave out. As you will be travelling by flights, weight restrictions will not allow you to carry heavy luggage. If you are traveling during wet season carry water proof pants and rain proof windbreaker which you can easily fold into a pouch. A universal plug adapter should be included in your packing list. It is advised that you carry a daypack to transport these items when you drive around a safari.

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