IE Gained 0.01, Firefox Fire Away 0.62, Chrome Stands At 0.80 Percentage Points

Posted on Jan 2 2013 - 10:15am by Editorial Staff

According to the latest market share numbers from Net Applications, Internet Explorer 10 count as below 1% market share while Firefox backed under 20% and over the top Chrome recovers from three months of losses. Between the November and December, IE gained 0.01 percentages of points, while Firefox fire away with a whooping 0.62 percentage points, and Chrome stands at a huge 0.80 percentage points, and not to miss, Safari dipped 0.09 percentage points while Opera counts up 0.04 percentage points.

Web Browsers Nov - Dec 2012

Web Browsers Nov – Dec 2012

In December, IE10 makes a total of 0.96 percent, while IE9 grew to 21.35 percent. On other end IE8 lost 1.20 percentage points and IE7 dipped 0.15 percentage points. Counting on Firefox, at 19.82 percent, Firefox fallen under one-fifth of what the market standing. Firefox 17 grabbed another 9.59 percentage points, Firefox 15 was down 0.36 percentage points, Firefox 14 was down 0.13 percentage points, and Firefox 13 lost 0.08 percentage points.

Chrome although still behind Firefox but after three months straight losses, Chromes finally recovers and sounding like in giving an edge this year to other browsers. Chrome 23 was up 4.90 percentage points, Chrome 22 down 3.43 percentage points, Chrome 21 fell 0.12 percentage points and Chrome 20 dropped 0.21 percentage points.

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