IDC: Nintendo’s Wii U Global Bundle Shipments Will Exceed 50 Million By 2016

Posted on Jan 14 2013 - 10:23am by Editorial Staff

According to IDC recent published 71-page study forecast on the video game console market, detailing the demand for Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony game console hardware and associated physical game software in four global regions through 2016.

The study highlighted on by saying that the volume of packaged game discs shipped will decline on an average of roughly 3% per year through 2016, as there is a huge shift of console shifting into digital channels now.

Nintendo’s Wii U global bundle shipments will exceed 50 million by year-end 2016. While in December 2012, PS3 system shipments eclipsed the number of Xbox 360’s shipped worldwide, although the PS3 launching a year later than Xbox 360.

Demand for Microsoft’s and Sony’s next- or eighth-generation consoles is also forecast, while making a stronger point that due to the effects of digital distribution, eighth-generation console tie rations will be approximately 25% lowers than the seventh- or current-generation consoles tie ratios.

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