IAB: Internet Advertising Tops $9.6 Billion In US During Q1 2013

Posted on Jun 3 2013 - 11:36pm by Karan Chopra

According to a report from IAB and PwC, the revenue generated through online advertising has reached a new record in the US last quarter. The total internet ad sales made during the first-quarter was $9.6 billion, an up of 15.6 percent from the previous $8.3 billion seen in the same quarter last year. The number shows very well on how the advertisers are opting for internet ads more as compared to any other medium of marketing their products.


“Consumers are turning to interactive media in droves to look for the latest information, to connect with their social networks, and simply to be entertained,” IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg said in a statement. “This first-quarter milestone clearly illustrates that marketers recognize that digital has become the go-to medium for all sorts of activities on all sorts of screens, at home, at the office, and on-the-run.”

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