HTC On Improving Battery Life

Posted on May 3 2012 - 6:41am by Editorial Staff

We find ourselves using our phones – and those big, beautiful screens – to accomplish more throughout the day.  We do spend five hours or more on phone calls, texting and email, with music playing in the background during a typical day.  Additionally, we spend a considerable amount of time surfing the web, updating social media sites, watching video, or simply using everyday applications that regularly connect to the Internet. But what’s the bad in lieu of all this is that many of us have experienced bad battery life.

HTC along with our partners has put up effort into improving overall device performance and battery life. The company for the HTC One has researched all layer – from the chipset, networking, display, operating system and preloaded applications – in the phone with the goal of making the most efficient use of both power and data consumption. Stating the testing results, company says it has shown “significant performance improvements”: 147 percent increase in talk time, 105 percent increase in MP3 playback time, 39 percent increase in video playback time and 23 percent increase in web browsing time.

The company even pointed out that performance is not just all about increasing battery size; instead it is a holistic approach to software and hardware management. Giving an example of comparing the HTC One X to the popular HTC Sensation, we’ve increased the screen size from 4.3 to 4.7 inches, the battery is 18 percent larger and yet the device is still less than nine millimeters thin – 2.4 millimeters slimmer than our previous flagship.

(Image Source: HTC blog)

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