HP Announces WebOS With The Release Of Open Source Enyo 1.0, Introducing Enyo 2.0 Core

Posted on Jan 26 2012 - 6:30am by Editorial Staff

Hope you still remember the HP webOS – the company yesterday announced that webOS would continue to live on as an open source project. Last year in December, HP announced that webOS would be made available under an open source license. Taking the next step, company released Enyo, a JavaScript app framework, which allow developers to distribute their Enyo-based webOS apps across other platforms.

According to HP webOS developer relations blog, company first contribution towards Enyo is by releasing its initial open source version Enyo 1.0 which allows current developers of Enyo apps for webOS devices to distribute their apps to other platforms. While this release is not intended to be expanded any further, there is considerable utility for our current developer base in releasing it.

In addition to this, HP is also introducing Enyo 2.0 core, which will be the foundation for Enyo going forward. “It expands Enyo’s “write once, run anywhere” capability to even more platforms, from mobile devices to desktop web browsers. It works on many of the most popular web browsers, including Chrome, IE 9, Firefox, and Safari”, blog states.

In closing, the blog author Fred Patton mentioned that,” we want to thank the great engineers who have worked with me on creating the open webOS roadmap and let you all know that we look forward to collaborating with the community. As my friend Eric Raymond stated as I embarked on the open source adventure, “It takes a village to create a complete solution.”

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