How A Good Motivational Speaker Can Boost Your Employees To Increase Productivity?

Posted on Jun 17 2014 - 8:36am by Davis Miller


Sometimes morale in a company is low, and that has a negative effect on employee productivity. Low morale can come about due to many reasons, including financial stresses, recent layoffs, negative publicity about the company, perceived lack of opportunity, or more. Whatever the reason, it is in a business owner’s best interests to do what they can to boost employee morale.  Low morale translates into a less efficient work force, which can directly impact your bottom line. One way to boost morale at your company is to bring in a motivational speaker.

Morale benefits of hiring a motivational speaker

Motivational speakers are experts at inspiring people, and have made a career out of just that. A speaker can share inspirational stories with the audience, and tales of overcoming adversity which can relate to their current situation. The speaker can remind them of the business’s core purpose, giving them a higher-level perspective, and making them see how their jobs are important. A speaker can inspire each person to take greater pride in their work, and make them want to do better.

Motivational speakers can also bring about better teamwork in your organization. Sometimes that could be a key theme in the presentation.  Other times, it is a result of focusing all of the employees on a unified purpose, something they all believe in, and all want to strive for and achieve together. Bringing in a motivational speaker also gives your employees a welcome break from their daily routine. It shows that you care enough about this to give them time away from their normal responsibilities. It can give them a fresh perspective, and renewed enthusiasm and energy for their jobs.

Motivational speaking can help develop foreign language learning in employee

Every business needs employees who can speak more than one language. If your company operates oversee, having multilingual staff is paramount. The problem is some people are afraid to speak another language in public. That’s because they don’t want to make a fool of themselves. A motivational speaker can help your employees overcome that fear.

Nobody’s perfect and sometimes mistakes happen. Hire someone who can talk about the great benefits of interacting with foreigners. A competent motivational will convince your staff that learning a new language and using it is an excellent way of setting themselves apart from others. That’s exactly what your business needs – motivated people constantly willing to learn new things.

Developing specific skills

Motivational speakers can also target their presentations to focus on certain skills you want to develop in your employees. If the company has gone through a recent restructuring and people were laid off, the remaining employees may be feeling particularly stressed and uncertain. A motivational speaker could focus a presentation on ways to handle stress.

Another common way to use motivational speakers is to inspire a sales team which has lackluster morale and performance. There are numerous speakers who have a strong sales background. They can share sales tips and techniques which can make your salespeople more effective. The presentation also gives them greater energy and motivation to get out there and sell more.

How to hire a motivational speaker

When you are selecting a speaker, think about any specific skills or experience that you want the speaker to have. Do you want someone experienced in your particular industry? Someone who specializes in helping people through transition periods? Or someone with a strong background in sales or customer service?

If you know of a speaker who seems to fit your needs, you can generally contact them through their speaker’s website. If you’re not sure who you want to hire, there are speaker’s bureaus which maintain lists of motivational speakers. These organizations have people who can help match your group and event with an appropriate speaker, based on your goals and requirements.

Boosting employee morale and increasing productivity is now easier than ever. Motivational speakers are a company’s secret weapon to attain greatness. Hire someone that can relate to your people, someone who’s reliable, charismatic, and driven. Most employees are discouraged by busy work schedules and low pay rates. You should be looking for a speaker who can convince your people that success in life is not dependant on money and comfort. On the contrary, the more they strive at the workplace, the higher chances they have to gain respect and better financial incentives.

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