How To Utilize Vouchers For Maximum Discount

Posted on May 22 2015 - 7:02am by Editorial Staff


You may call it extra savings, or thoughtfully spending your buck, but what started off as a fad to combat the brutal economy, has grown into a whole new thing today. There was a time when all the vouchers you could get were only applied to your groceries, toiletries, and basically anything you got out of a supermarket. But today all that is changing, you have vouchers for branded names like BHS, Marks and Spencer, Microsoft, big companies offering vouchers for their products.

You can even get vouchers for vacations and holidays, vouchers that offer discounted prices on hotels, events and tickets, which is a great way to save extra bucks. But to avail all these offers, you have to know exactly where to look for them, and they don’t always come in the newspaper. If you do have a computer at home, you are covering most of the turf. Voucher sites for example VoucherBin are a great way to see the latest vouchers and get the best deals.

So now you have your vouchers and you go out to shop and get started on your savings, but you soon realise the vouchers don’t really make much of a difference. All the time and effort that went into the collecting them just seems futile, but don’t get disappointed yet. Chances are you are doing it all wrong. Here are a few tips on how to utilize vouchers for availing the maximum discount.

Getting started

Most of you may already be doing this, but getting a little organized does go a long way. Using voucher binders really help and what’s more, you get to know exactly how many vouchers you have and for what product. It also helps you keep track on the expiration date and other details. Whether you sort it alphabetically or by the expiration date in mind, remember it is up to you, but keeping it organized is the main goal.

Don’t get fooled by the sale

Just because something is on sale, does not necessarily mean it is going to give you the best deal. Being calculative does come in hand in these situations. Make sure you check out your option before blindly diving into the item for sale. Calculate the sale offer and how much you get with your vouchers added to it; if it does not give you much saving, then you can wait for a better offer to use your voucher.

Let go of brands

When you do start vouchering, you have to get one thing straight; your goal is to acquire the item at the best value possible, with the help of your vouchers. Now if you have a cereal box on offer as well as a voucher that gives you a further discount, don’t get disappointed or hell bent on just getting a particular brand of cereal. Chances are they won’t be different anyways.

When to say no

With great power comes great responsibility, no seriously, with vouchering, there is this overwhelming tendency to buy items that are not really needed, or an unwritten rule to use all the vouchers, well don’t. You will end up with stuff that you don’t really use, or worse still will have to check out because they have crossed their expiration date. You are better exchanging your voucher with someone else who really needs it. It’s also a great way to get a few n return- vouchers which you really need.

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