How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Business

Posted on Sep 4 2013 - 11:51am by Iveta Ivanova

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Written words can be extremely powerful, yet nothing is quite as powerful as video entertainment in the 21st century! YouTube is one of the most popular social websites but did you ever think of using it to grow your business? It is a site that boasts a number of vast targeting tools, all of which are able to reach a wider audience. This is regardless of what you intend to advertise, whether it’s finance-related or something to do with the artistic field.

With so many choosing to use smartphones, tablets and notepads, consumers are now more in tune with online advertisement as opposed to print-based media. This has opened many doors for those that wish to advertise using video.

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So, how do you get started with YouTube?

First of all, you should begin by establishing what it is that you want your video to do. Do you desire to generate awareness about your business, do you wish to use this medium as a way in which to draw consumers to your website or alternatively, draw them to a land-based store?

Create Your Video 

Authenticity is the key to a great video. Therefore, filming without a professional film crew is perfectly acceptable. You may however wish to ask for a little help as setting up props, creating the correct lighting and filming the entire film yourself may be a little on the difficult side. If you intend to buy or already have lighting and camera accessories, it may be wise to invest in good gadget insurance to ensure its livelihood, and prolonged video making.

Editing Your Video 

There are a number of great editing tools available online, many of which are free to use. You may prefer to shoot your video in several shots and edit each scene one at a time.

Upload To YouTube 

Once you have created a video you are pleased with, you should then think about uploading the content. This will make it appear live to millions of viewers from all corners of the globe! Prior to doing this however, you must create an account with YouTube. This is a simple process and registration takes only a few minutes. Once you have an account in place, you can upload as many or as few videos as you desire.

Promote Your Video 

Once your video is live, you must then promote it. If not, the footage may sit there unseen, which will in turn make all of your efforts wasted ones. In order to do this, you should begin by creating a link to the video on your website. Other mediums used to promote video content include business cards, social networks and word of mouth. Another successful way to promote a video involves using AdWords. This clever programme will allow those searching for similar terms to that of what is featured in your video to find it! Simply write your advertisement, set a price and invest in a variety of target options.

A video can create an emotional, funny or quirky advertisement with little effort. Many busy individuals prefer to watch entertaining content as opposed to read lengthy content. A three-minute video can in fact reveal the same message as that of a long-winded article, which makes it a go-to media tool in this day and age! More and more companies are therefore choosing to use this technique, not only because of the effect it has on consumers, yet also because it’s a great deal cheaper to than that of a print advertisement! It’s also much easier to reach a wider audience using this method as the Internet can be reached by the world.

A written print document however needs to be printed in various different languages and would need to be physical placed in a number of locations.

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