How To Throw A Super Bowl Party

Posted on Jan 30 2014 - 10:51am by Lana Evans Lana Evans

Super Bowl

Are you gearing up for Super Bowl XLVIII? It’s sure to be a thrilling game as the Seattle Seahawks battle the Denver Broncos for the win. If you’re planning a Super Bowl soiree, there’s a lot that goes into throwing the perfect party, including thumping surround sound, the perfect nachos recipe and a festive ambiance. Here are the key elements to consider for a Super Bowl party.

Set Up Surround Sound

First things first…nobody likes a silent Super Bowl. Get your surround sound system hooked up so guests can enjoy booming audio. Here’s how:

Take a quick inventory of what you have: television, speakers, control unit. Unplug all of your equipment to reduce the risk of electrocuting yourself or damaging your system. Take the protective guards off of the wires. Look up the wires’ color codes in your owner’s manual. Then, connect each wire to the matching terminal on your receiver. Black wires generally connect to the negative terminals. Connect the other end of the wires to the terminals on the speakers.

Pay attention to the polarity (positive and negative – red and black) and ensure your speakers are connected to the right channel. Connect your receiver to your television using the directions in the user’s manual for your television.

Position your front speakers at an equal distance from your seating area. Angle them so that people sitting toward the sides of the room can hear clearly. Position the center speaker below the television. If it’s too low, tilt it upwards and prop it up with a book.The subwoofer should be placed a few feet to the side of the television.

Leave at least eight inches between the back of the subwoofer and the nearest wall.Position the rear speakers at, or above, where your listeners’ heads will be. If you want to mount the speakers to the wall, look into mounting equipment that can adequately support their weight.

Create the Right Ambiance

Evaluate your setup. Think about the number of guests you’re expecting, and whether your space will accommodate everyone. If you don’t have enough seating in front of or around the television, bring in some chairs from the dining room, or some folding chairs up from the garage. If you’re expecting a lot of kids at the party, toss some cushions or throw pillows on the floor where they can relax without taking up seating.

If you really want to wow your guests, put up some decorations, like balloons or streamers in the teams’ colors. Little décor touches set the mood, and your guests will appreciate it.

Spread Out the Stadium Food

One of the biggest, and most important elements, is food. For some people, food (not football) is the main draw to a Super Bowl party. Select a spread of snacks that are easy to eat in front of the television or while chatting. Finger foods are key when you want your guests to be able to mingle comfortably while enjoying the food.

Nachos are one of the most popular football snacks, and can be tailored to your personal taste. Start off with a beef nachos recipe from Kraft. You can change out beef for chicken or add barbecue sauce for a southern twist. Also, stock your fridge or cooler with plenty of beverages, including bottled water or juice for the kids.

These are three key plays you need to master if you want to win big at your Super Bowl party.

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