How To Take The Perfect Holiday Selfie

Posted on Dec 12 2014 - 9:17am by Alexandra Ashton


Do you know what word was the “Word of the year 2013“in Oxford Dictionary? That was the word selfie, which has become the biggest photography trend in recent years. Have you ever tried taking selfie? No matter if you love it or if you hate it, there is probably one in your photo album. Admit it; if you don’t take couple of selfies you wouldn’t have any picture of yourself from holiday, especially if you are alone. Holiday selfies are completely different that regular everyday selfie. When you are on holiday, you have something to brag about. It would be a shame not to take at least one selfie with beautiful beach or even Eiffel tower in the background. Did you know that 44.5% of people take selfies when on holiday? Don’t be ashamed of joining the crowd. Find the perfect angle and snap amazing selfie, after you filter it publish it on social media and make all of your friend jealous.

Admit it, the only reason you were sending postcards was to make sure all of your friend know that you are having amazing time on your vacation. By taking selfie and publishing it, you will save the time but also the money. If all the celebrities are doing it, so can you. Did you know there are few tricks that can help you assure that all of your selfies turn out perfect? You should definitely try including “wild animal” in your shot. Show everybody that you can make new friend everywhere and in every form. Avoid getting too close to the animals or even cuddling it because there are not guaranties that will end well. Internet is full of examples of selfies turning bad because somebody got to close to the animals. Check out this interesting infographic for more excellent advices.


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