How To Skip The Tourist Traps On Holiday

Posted on Mar 4 2020 - 9:14am by Editorial Staff

Going to a new place that is exotic to you and full of untold wonder is one of the best experiences in the world. Going there and being herded through tourist traps that are so packed that you can barely breathe, much less see the highlight, is the biggest let down there is.

That is the failure of top-ten lists. They tell you what everyone else is going to see, and while that may be great for first-time visitors or those who don’t have much time and are ready to tackle the crowds, it is not the only option.

Every destination has untold wonders that many tourists will never see. Mixing together top highlights and secret gems is the best way to enjoy your holiday, and with this guide, you can finally put together such a trip together.

Go on a Luxuriously Planned Trip

If you were never one for planning or researching months in advance for your trip, you don’t have to lose out. Instead, rely on experts who have done all that groundwork for you, like those at Exoticca. They have put together trips for people to explore Argentina, Chile, Nepal, and China, as well as countries in Africa and Europe, and so much more. You will have your entire trip planned by experts. For those who like no-hassle trips, this is the best way to skip the tourist traps on holiday.

Go During the Low Seasons

High season is often chosen because it offers the best weather and opportunities, but if big crowds aren’t your thing, then there is a big benefit to going during the low season. For some destinations, there is even a gap between high season (summer or dry weather) and low season (winter or wet season) that offers the perfect compromise.

Read Ex-pat or Local Blogs

While you likely won’t have time to see all the highlights a local or ex-pat would enjoy, you should take note of their food recommendations. Not all trips will have every meal planned out for you, so this gives you the chance to explore on your own for a day through the city. By deciding on the cities that you will be exploring in advance, you can find a few local or ex-pat-run guides that go through the best meals they have had in their own city.

This is crucial because when it comes to tourist traps the ones that are never worth going to are the restaurants that sit in prime locations. Instead, go where the locals go, and enjoy the recommended dishes.

Skip Tourist Trap Souvenirs and Opt for Authentic

Again, during the times where you have to wander on your own, there will be plenty of unique shopping experiences. Reading up ahead can help you learn what are great souvenirs to invest in.

This is usually as easy as finding where artisans are located in the city. They typically congregate, so you can explore a wide variety of boutiques or workshops and see handcrafted, beautiful items you can bring home with you.

Whether you plan your trip yourself or opt for a fully planned tour, always aim to know what to expect in terms of the authentic destination versus the tourist side. This way, you can enjoy a better experience when you are on your own or can build a great trip on your own.

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