How To Remove Pests From Your Property?

Posted on Jun 10 2015 - 7:02am by Hayden Price

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Whether in your home or your business, pests such as rodents, birds and insects can pose a big problem. Not only do they cause damage to your property but they also cause a health hazard.

Common pests in the UK are rodents, birds such as pigeons and seagulls, and insects. Many people who are dealing with pests will try to tackle the problem themselves but this usually isn’t advisable for a few reasons. Firstly, know how to get rid of unwanted birds, as you need to be aware that it’s illegal to harm or kill birds in the UK so it’s necessary to use a deterrent to stop birds from wanting to group on your building.

Another reason it’s better to hire a professional pest control service rather than dealing with the problem yourself is that they’ll be able to deal with larger infestations much more effectively. Often it’s necessary to use more than one solution to deal with the problem and only a professional would know the best way to go about things. 

Pest Removal Solutions

  • Bird Netting – Bird netting is an extremely effective way of keeping birds from grouping or nesting on your property. It’s easy to cut and install in a wide variety of places including balconies, alcoves and bridges. It’s presence alone is usually enough to stop birds from trying to land where it’s installed. 
  • Rodent Traps – Rodent traps can be used in conjunction with attractor sprays and gels to deal with problem mice and rats. Rodents are very determined creatures and often it’s necessary to use a combination of techniques to get rid of them completely. 
  • Electric Fly Killers – Electric fly killers are used to get rid of any type of unwanted flies. They are perfect for use in areas where food is being served since they don’t pose any health risks like a sprays or chemicals can. Although other solutions may have to be used in conjunction with electric fly killers, they’re still a very effective way of dealing with flies. 
  • Prevention Methods – Any good pest removal service will not only get rid of your current infestation but they’ll also give you advice on steps you can take in order to prevent problems in the future. These usually include things like covering up food sources, fixing any holes in walls and doors and installing netting, in the case of birds. 

Pest Removal Leicester

Leicester is particularly prone to suffering from pest problems. Bird infestation is a big problem since there are so many large buildings that attract groups of pigeons. A commercial pest control service in city of Leicester  will be able to deal with any sort of infestation you are dealing with, either at your home or business.

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