How To Maximize Battery Life (Infographic)

Posted on Nov 14 2013 - 10:11am by Alexandra Ashton

In some countries it’s rare to find a house where the landline is currently more used than the family’s mobile phones. On one side, this is great: it allows more privacy and a constant flow of communication with other people, but it also means that the users constantly have to recharge their smartphones when you take into account the short daily life of these mobile devices.  Exactly to lessen this necessity, we have created and now bring to you this super useful infographic with dozens of great tips to extend the life of your batteries between charges, whether you are using a notebook or an advanced cell phone.

First of all, turn off your smartphone if you don’t need it. This is definitely the most efficient and simple way to protect the battery. If you don’t need to wake up with your smartphone’s alarm clock in the morning, just turn it off while you are sleeping. You should do the same if you are in an area without any signal, as your phone is constantly searching for it, causing the battery to become exhausted after a while. Another option is to manually make your phone stop looking for a sign by disconnecting this feature.

You don’t particularly like when your phone vibrates? Good, because your battery feels the same way. Disable the vibration function of your phone and use only sound to notify you, as vibration sucksa lot of power. Another thing that drains your battery is the extreme brightness of the device, but this is easily solved as well.According to our research, there’s also another clever action to spare your battery and that is avoidingthe use of unnecessary resources: if you know it will still take some time to recharge your phone, don’t use features like the camera or games, but especially Bluetooth. Was this enough to show you the value of our infographic? Take a look.


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